Michael Saylor’s MicroStrategy To Raise $500M To Buy More Bitcoin

MicroStrategy, led by CEO Michael Saylor, announced it will raise $500 million through a private offering of convertible senior notes. The proceeds will fund additional purchases, furthering its corporate Bitcoin accumulation strategy.


— Bitcoin Magazine (@BitcoinMagazine) June 13, 2024

MicroStrategy is already the largest public company holder of Bitcoin, with over 214,400 BTC worth $15 billion on its balance sheet. Starting in 2020, under Saylor’s direction, it adopted Bitcoin as its primary reserve asset.

It’s average purchase price per Bitcoin remains around $35,000. With Bitcoin trading near $68,000, the firm is still significantly in the green on its holdings.

The latest $500 million capital raise comes via selling convertible senior notes to qualified institutional buyers. The notes will pay interest semiannually and mature in 2032 unless converted or redeemed earlier.

According to the announcement, MicroStrategy may use the funds for general corporate purposes, but Bitcoin acquisition remains the priority. The company will also grant initial purchasers an option to buy an additional $75 million of notes.

MicroStrategy’s Bitcoin-buying obsession has made it a Wall Street proxy for Bitcoin itself. The company’s stock often rises and falls with Bitcoin’s price movements, with investors betting on BTC’s upside.

With this latest capital injection, MicroStrategy is signaling its conviction that Bitcoin will continue appreciating over the long term. Saylor is ready to double down by acquiring more coins while prices remain relatively low.

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