Exploring The Intersection Of Finance And Trust With Mark Goodwin’s ‘The Bitcoin-Dollar’

Only one month after being announced as Editor-in-Chief of Bitcoin Magazine, Mark Goodwin is releasing his premier book “The Bitcoin-Dollar.” The book takes readers on an illuminating journey through the intricate intersection of finance, technology and trust. This groundbreaking work delves deep into the essence of currency and commodity to offer a fresh perspective on the financial landscape of the digital age.

Goodwin posits that currency is not the only function of money; it’s a technology that acts as a conduit of trust across time and space. When looking at the history of monetary systems, the line between commodity and currency has been the defining linchpin. However, the dollar, long regarded as the emblem of stability, now finds itself facing an unprecedented challenger, thanks to Bitcoin. “The Bitcoin-Dollar” analyzes this inflection point in economic history, skillfully exploring the connection between the current world reserve currency and Bitcoin, delving into the profound shifts in money, settlement and economic policy of which the world is beginning to experience.

Mark Goodwin eloquently states, “Money is a language of trust, and Bitcoin is the latest dialect that humanity has created. This book explores the profound implications of this innovation.”

Ellen Sullivan, Publisher at Bitcoin Magazine Books, adds, “Mark Goodwin’s book is not only an invaluable addition to Bitcoin literature, it’s a reflection of the innovative spirit of Bitcoin Magazine Books. We aim to continue pushing the boundaries of financial discourse. With ‘The Bitcoin-Dollar,’ Mark is staking out new ground.”

For fans of Goodwin’s writing in both the online and print version of Bitcoin Magazine, the themes of this book will be familiar, but this book will be a treat for everyone, including readers who have yet to parse the well-rounded and thorough nature of his work. “The Bitcoin-Dollar” is essential reading for those seeking a deeper comprehension of the evolution of money in the digital era. Goodwin has an instinctive ability to break down topics into an easy-to-understand narrative and his book paints a picture of Bitcoin’s role in the current monetary transition. This book speaks to both Bitcoiners as well as a wider audience intrigued by the transformative potential of a decentralized, permissionless and trustless currency. “The Bitcoin-Dollar” serves as a compass to shed light on the way forward in the dynamic realm of digital currencies.

“The Bitcoin-Dollar” is currently available for order through the Bitcoin Magazine Books online store and Amazon.

Mark Goodwin will be speaking and signing books at the Bitcoin Amsterdam conference, taking place at Westergas on October 12-13, 2023. This event is the perfect opportunity to meet the author and get a copy of his new book.

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