Elevated Bitcoin Open Interest Levels Puts Market In Vulnerable Position

Bitcoin has recovered above $23,000 multiple times now, but the digital asset remains in a perilous position. This is because the recovery alone has not been able to assure that the bull trend would endure. Rather, it has been falling the brief buying and selling pressures that have been plaguing investors in recent times. The bitcoin open interest also mirrors this fact and shows just how easy it would be for bitcoin to lose its position.

Bitcoin Open Interest Stays Elevated

For the past week, the bitcoin open interest has been on the rise. After hitting above 300k the previous week, there was no stopping this part of the market. However, it also pointed to more peculiarities about the current bitcoin uptrend.

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Interestingly, though, is the fact that despite the decline in the funding rates, they still continue to maintain higher lows. It shows better prospects compared to the month of June, which was characterized by funding rates remaining perpetually below neutral.

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