Altcoins Outperform Bitcoin In August Rollercoaster

Altcoins have taken over bitcoin in terms of outperformance this month. While the crypto market as a whole has suffered losses, bitcoin has declined more in a time when the digital asset would have served as safe haven for investors. Now, with altcoins taking the lead in terms of recovery, it points to the downtrend worsening over time, especially for bitcoin.

Bitcoin Fails To Hold Up

Bitcoin, for the last month, has had its fair share of ups and downs. However, despite being a market mover, the digital asset has fallen short when it comes to holding its value. It saw an overall decline of 13% in the month of August, the highest of any of the other indexes.

The Large Cap Index is the index that follows the movement of bitcoin the closes, so it comes as no surprise that it saw the second-largest decline in the same time period. The Large Cap Index fell 12% in August alone, leaving the market at the mercy of its smaller counterparts.

Altcoins outperform BTC Source: Arcane Research

In a surprising turn of events, the Small and Mid Cap Indexes saw price declines of 10%, respectively. Normally, in a market such as this, investors would be exiting both indexes en masse, given how highly volatile they can be. However, they have proven to be a better safe haven through this market compared to Bitcoin and the Large Cap Index. Nevertheless, each index saw double-digit declines, which is never a good sign for the crypto market.

Stablecoins Regain Dominance

Bitcoin still remains the most dominant cryptocurrency in the market, but it is quickly losing this bragging right by the day. Instead, as its price has plummeted and investors fear the worst, they have moved into stablecoins to provide some much-needed cover from the market volatility. In light of this, the stablecoin dominance continues to rise.

Dominance recovers to 40.18%

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